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About Us

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone:  (604) 986-6194
About our various Snacks and Treats

BISCUITS:  My most popular items are my biscuits, which are all hand made with wheat-free recipes and contain no preservatives.  Using fresh, wholesome ingredients, there are now a variety of biscuits to choose from!  These tasty biscuits are often made in fun animal and seasonal shapes for Halloween,  Easter, and Christmas.  I use fun, colorful ingredients to decorate them with such as carob, yogurt, and spinach or beet powder for natural colors.

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In addition to the main ingredients, my wholesome treats are created using such foods as fresh eggs, flax seeds, yams, carrots, blueberries, cheese, natural peanut butter and other healthy, delicious tidbits.  Some of the ingredients biscuits include are:

My Biscuits come in fun shapes and flavors. Organic Beef Heart
Bison Liver
Lots of yummy treats to choose from!

BIRTHDAY CAKES:  My homemade special order Birthday cakes are available in 3 bone-shaped sizes and are a great way to celebrate your dog's birthday or a new addition to your home. The cakes come in several meaty flavors and are usually iced with butter-free mashed potatoes for a fun and yummy treat!

PUPCAKES:  A popular favorite, these wholesome Pupcakes are available in several meat and flavor combinations. Turkey and apple just one of the favorites chosen by my dog Charlie, and these fun treats are also iced with either mashed potatoes or yams for a delicious, special snack.

Treat your dog to it's own special Doggie Pizza, Pupcake or other favorite!
DOGGIE PIZZAS:  Dogs of all sizes enjoy my tasty Doggie Pizzas. Hand made with wheat-free dough, pepper sauce, meat, and 2 cheeses, these pizzas are then topped off with a little parsely or kale. Also available in 2 sizes, 2" and 4" for dogs with a craving for something extra special!

MEATY POPS:  Inspired by cake pops on a stick, these are a fun way to have a tasty, healthy treat! These yummy wholesome treats are available in several flavor combinations and are often decorated with flax seeds, sesame seeds or carob.

MORE GREAT TREATS:  Aside from my popular favorites, my other healthy treats include: Dehydrated Bison Liver and Organic Beef Heart, Turnovers, Peanut Butter Bon Bons and Turkey Dinner Loaves.